International Advisory Boards

  • Review committee for Texas A&M University nuclear physics program, 1998, 2007.
  • Conseil Scientifique et Technique du Service de Physique Nucléaire, Saclay, France, 2000-2003.
  • External Scientific Advisory Council (ESAC) for the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI), Germany, 2001-2002.
  • Scientific Advisory Board, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Frankfurt, Germany, since 2006.
  • Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, 2008.
  • International Program Advisory Committee, Helmholtz International Center for FAIR, since 2009
  • Editor, International Journal of Modern Physics E, 2010-2018

Energy Consulting

Expert Witness in Court Cases

  • Expert testimony on traffic accidents.
  • Expertise in: Kinematic accident reconstruction, collision dynamics, Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM) data analysis.

Financial Services

  • Institute Fellow, Investor Analytics Institute, New York City.
  • EQA Board of Advisors, EQA Partners

National Education & Outreach Activities

REU Program

  • Research Experience for Undergraduates
  • REU co-PI since 1992
  • NSF grants PHY-9200029 (with Mike Dubson), PHY-9424149 (with Michael Thoennessen), PHY-9912212 (with Dan Stump), PHY-0243709 (with Dan Stump), PHY-0754541 (with Dan Stump), PHY-1062410 (with Dan Stump)

K-12 Outreach Activities

Discussing nuclear physics with 4th-graders

Alumni Relations

in Albuquerque
presentation in St. Louis
with St. Louis Alumni Board
at Microsoft in Redmond, WA
with Portland, OR, Alumni Club